Welcome to SacredNudes.Com

Sacred Nudes, like the Phoenix, is rising again!

After a break of nearly 7 years waiting for the art market to return, our first, but not last show, of 2015 will be a the JEGA Gallery on A Street in Ashland, Oregon starting 3 April, 2015 through the month, then Again with a full show in August.

I never stopped creating, although I did have to do a lot of blacksmithing to keep the bills paid since 2006, but I have not shared my work, so here it comes. I have so much to share in art, word, and deed and I welcome you all to join me as I put new focus on the joy of life and love of self and others that Sacred Nudes is. For now. I am sharing some new images on my main photography site Jason the Photographer.

I look forwawrd to hearing from all of you, former models, new friends and old friends alike. Your friendship has helped us all get through a trying period in American history, but from the ashes we rise, reborn...more powerful and beautiful than ever.


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